2010/01/11 - Apache Beehive has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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Beehive 1.0.2 Documentation

Welcome to Beehive! Apache Beehive is a project focused on building ease-of-use frameworks for enterprise Java applications. Using Java 5.0 annotations for configuration and declarative programming, Beehive reduces the amount of coding necessary for building enterprise applications.

Beehive consists of several projects which can be used either together or seprately depending on the requirements of an application. These include:

In addition, Beehive includes a set of system controls that are abstractions for low-level J2EE resource APIs such as EJB, JMS, JDBC, and web services.

The Beehive documentation package contains tutorials, user guies, samples, and project templates for getting started building various kinds of applications. If you are new to Beehive, the overview documentation for NetUI and Controls are good starting points:

To get started building Beehive-enabled projects, follow the Setup instructions and look at the Beehive project templates which are skeletons for building new Beehive-enabled web applications and control projects:

More detailed information on starting projects is available in the getting started guides:

The tutorials are end-to-end examples of how to build projects with Beehive features:

The samples are another good starting point for learning about Beehive.