2010/01/11 - Apache Beehive has been retired.

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Beehive 1.0.2 -- Release Notes

Noteworthy Changes

Changes from the last release that represent a fundamental behavior change or are not backward compatible.

  • Some PageFlowController and FlowController methods were changed... To improve application security, the public version of a few methods in PageFlowController and FlowController have been renamed so they aren't picked up as JavaBean properties from within JSP pages. See BEEHIVE-1069.
  • Session mutex and the HttpSessionMutexListener... An optional HttpSessionListener has been implemented to facilitate a design change to the way NetUI does user-wide locking. It will create a session-wide mutex object that can be used to serialize a change in the session.
  • Plug points for handling AJAX requests (.xhr) for the Tree and DivPanel in NetUI... The API changes include a new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) / command pattern for servicing AJAX requests. This is a new command handling infrastructure that can be used to handle requests to render markup or data to a client. At a high level, this is done by implementing command handler classes that are composed together using the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) pattern and including the commands in the NetUI configuration.


  • [BEEHIVE-206] - control property constraint:AnnotationMemberTypes.Date accept one format
  • [BEEHIVE-919] - controls-spring sample throws exception when refreshing the browser page familyTree.jsp
  • [BEEHIVE-998] - Compilation error for generated client initializer due to generated eventAdaptor not implementing methods in super intf of EventSet intf
  • [BEEHIVE-1007] - Propagate exception causes while throwing ServletException
  • [BEEHIVE-1048] - generateScopeId not rendering required JavaScript in some cases
  • [BEEHIVE-1059] - ClassCastException when InternalUtils.addActionError() casts ActionMessages for the Global.ERROR_KEY attribute to a sub class, ActionErrors
  • [BEEHIVE-1060] - Control not being initialized when Inheriting from a parent page flow with a package protected control
  • [BEEHIVE-1065] - Petstore Sample -- No listener in source, but configured in web.xml
  • [BEEHIVE-1067] - Invalid value for @ControlReferences annotation causes assertion error in apt
  • [BEEHIVE-1068] - requests to a JPF in a webapp without a Global.app throws two CNF exceptions
  • [BEEHIVE-1069] - Exposed Properties on PageFlowController can be set by hidden fields in a form
  • [BEEHIVE-1070] - bindingUpdateErrors expression="${aValue}" always returns tag error
  • [BEEHIVE-1075] - NPE in ScopedRequestImpl.registerOuterAttribute() when running without asserts.
  • [BEEHIVE-1078] - Control interface properties aren't added as properties in the control's BeanInfo
  • [BEEHIVE-1079] - annotations on event set methods that interact with interceptors can result in compilation errors
  • [BEEHIVE-1082] - Controls ClientIntializer runtime error
  • [BEEHIVE-1083] - NetUI leaks PageFlowContext object attached to ThreadLocal
  • [BEEHIVE-1085] - netui:attribute not overriding disabled property on textArea and textBox
  • [BEEHIVE-1086] - controls which implement non-control interfaces may cause compilation errors on overridden methods
  • [BEEHIVE-1087] - Controls with simple name conflicts not resolved correctly
  • [BEEHIVE-1088] - NetUI page flow compiler's WebappPathType.checkRelativePath() needs to handle path to a JPF that begins with './'
  • [BEEHIVE-1089] - NetUI page flow compiler's WebappPathType.checkRelativePath() needs to handle paths to JPF that begin with "./"
  • [BEEHIVE-1090] - NetUI page flow compiler's WebappPathType.checkRelativePath() needs to handle paths to JPF that begin with "./"
  • [BEEHIVE-1091] - checkBoxGroup, radioButtonGroup, select box don't work in the data grid or repeater
  • [BEEHIVE-1092] - The ControlBean generated for a control extensions with a base control that defines an event set are not generated correctly
  • [BEEHIVE-1096] - Inherited NetUI shared flow reference not initialized correctly.
  • [BEEHIVE-1097] - NetUI FlowController execute() should handle exception from begin/end context on page flow ControlContainerContext
  • [BEEHIVE-1099] - NetUI DeferredSessionStorageHandler should persist session attributes atomically
  • [BEEHIVE-1107] - JdbcControl does not handle lower case column names correctly when returning a Map
  • [BEEHIVE-1108] - the netui:form tag doesn't work when the body is in a <jsp:include>
  • [BEEHIVE-1109] - legacy javascript routine getNetuiTagName fails in IE6 inside of a table
  • [BEEHIVE-1111] - A space in the context path causes PageFlowUtils.getActionURI() to throw a URISyntaxException
  • [BEEHIVE-1112] - Make NameSevice implement Serializable
  • [BEEHIVE-1113] - Control compilation fails for eventset with no methods
  • [BEEHIVE-1114] - Modify PageFlowUtils.strutsLookup() method to work in a lazy servlet reinitialization
  • [BEEHIVE-1115] - problem with Jpf.NavigateTo.currentPage
  • [BEEHIVE-1116] - CLONE -the netui:form tag doesn't work when the body is in a <jsp:include>
  • [BEEHIVE-1117] - JDBC System control not parsing 'sql:' substitutions correctly when they contain unexpected whitespace
  • [BEEHIVE-1118] - form bean validations are not following the order
  • [BEEHIVE-1119] - Message Bundles in the Base class are not inherited to the derived class
  • [BEEHIVE-1120] - Data Grid loosing sort state when we click any application URL's on the page
  • [BEEHIVE-1125] - behavior of derived actions
  • [BEEHIVE-1126] - value of 0 not allowed for arrayMaxLength on JDBCControl statement
  • [BEEHIVE-1127] - No check() phase during the Controller annotation processing for an external form bean class and ValidatableProperty
  • [BEEHIVE-1132] - tag docs for anchor and anchorCell tags should be more specific about href URL and use of parameter tag
  • [BEEHIVE-1133] - Event handlers marked as private are not flagged as errors during annotation processing
  • [BEEHIVE-1135] - NetUI deadlock condition for concurrent requests to an action and a JSP with a JSP include
  • [BEEHIVE-1138] - fix problems in step 8 and 9 of NetUI tutorial
  • [BEEHIVE-1140] - EJBJarDescriptorHandler does modify the deployment descriptor for EJBControls pointing to Entity beans
  • [BEEHIVE-1141] - Form bean implementing Serializable can not populate its property attributes from HTTP GET request parameters
  • [BEEHIVE-1142] - PageFlowViewHandler.renderView() needs to check request type before casting to HttpServletRequest
  • [BEEHIVE-1143] - Control APT compilation errors when using the Eclipse IDE
  • [BEEHIVE-1144] - No validation of form beans in an action with the useFormBean attribute
  • [BEEHIVE-1145] - Doc issue: Controls Overview says PropertySet.externalConfig controls ControlBean setters instead of PropertySet.hasSetters
  • [BEEHIVE-1148] - PageFlowActionListener needs to check request type before casting to ServletRequest
  • [BEEHIVE-1149] - NetUI deadlock with NameService
  • [BEEHIVE-1150] - Compiler warning that Jpf.ValidatorVersion is deprecated though the enum has not been deprecated


  • [BEEHIVE-790] - Add commons logging to ejb control
  • [BEEHIVE-892] - AnnotationMemberTypes.Decimal.places() should have new default value
  • [BEEHIVE-1073] - Modify the popup window ActionForward handling to forward to a framework JSP (or Servlet) instead of writing directly to the response in the DefaultActionForwardHandler
  • [BEEHIVE-1074] - Include generated src in the src dist - like for the system controls
  • [BEEHIVE-1080] - Enforce correct attribute validation on the NetUI form's method attribute in HTML
  • [BEEHIVE-1093] - Add URLTemplateFactory and TemplatedURLFormatter to the request to reduce synchronized bottleneck in ServletContext.
  • [BEEHIVE-1105] - Perf bottleneck with the number of calls from PageFlowPageFilter to get ActionServlet from ServletContext
  • [BEEHIVE-1128] - Update to Apache Struts version 1.2.9 in NetUI
  • [BEEHIVE-1136] - Using stax-api from woodstox, missing dependencies in pom.xml
  • [BEEHIVE-1146] - Provide annotation processor warning for conditional forwards with duplicate expressions