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HTML to NetUI Tag Mapping

HTML to NetUI Tag Mapping

The following table maps HTML elements to NetUI Tags. Most of NetUI tags produce HTML elements directly, which is summerized below. There is a brief description and links to more details in the tag user documentation.

Html TagNetUI TagDescriptionLinks
<a>netui:anchorCreate an anchorSimple Linking, Form Controls
<a><img></a>netui:imageAnchorA composite set of HTML elements with an anchor surrounding an image
<area>netui:areaSpecify a geometric region of an image map and the link associated with it
<base>netui:baseSpecify the absolute URI for resolving relative URIs
<body>netui:bodyCreate the body containing the document content HTML/XHTML
<form>netui:formA form containing a set of controls that can be posted to the server Form Controls
<html>netui:htmlThe containing HTML tag XHTML/HTML
<input type=checkbox>netui:checkBoxForm Control allowing a binary value Form Controls
<input type=checkbox>netui:checkBoxGroupA group of checkboxes Form Controls, Repeating
<input type=file>netui:fileUploadForm Control allowing a file to be uploaded Form Controls
<input type=hidden>netui:hiddenForm Control that posts a value back Form Controls
<input type=image>netui:imageButtonForm Control that creates a graphical button Form Controls
<input type=radio>netui:radioButtonGroupForm Control creating a single selection radio button group Form Controls, Repeating
<input type={submit, button, reset}>netui:buttonCreate a button, supports submit, button and reset Form Controls
<input type={text, password}netui:textBoxForm Control creating either a text or password field Form Controls
<img>netui:imageEmbed an image into a document
<label>netui:labelCreate a label to attach information to a Form Control
<option>netui:selectOptionCreate an item inside of a select control Form Controls
<script>netui:scriptBlockCreate a client side JavaScript block JavaScript, XHTML/HTML
<select>netui:selectForm Control that creates a single or multiple selection Form Controls, Repeating
<span>netui:spanCreate an inline span element
<textArea>netui:textAreaForm Control creating a multiple line text input field Form Controls